12 celebridades que querríamos en la fiesta de bodas de nuestros sueños

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Of course our closest friends and family members will be first on the list when the time comes to choose our actual wedding party, but for now, we’ve created our dream wedding party with 12 of our favorite celebrities. See the whole group here!

t30 celebrity wedding party rihanna

RihannaRihanna knows how to party, and we know she’d show us an unforgettable time at all of the pre-wedding celebrations. We bet she’d also be great at keeping guests on the dance floor at the reception, and let’s be honest, we wouldn’t say no if she offered to sing our first dance song.

t30 celebrity wedding party lauren conrad

Lauren Conrad
If we ever crowned a modern-day crafting queen, it would be Lauren Conrad. This gal can do it all, from making gorgeous floral arrangements by hand (presumably with blooms picked from her very own garden) to whipping up all sorts of yummy pies and baked goods on a regular basis. There’s no doubt that her expertise would come in handy to help us choose the perfect wedding linens or recreate the watercolor table numbers we fell in love with on Pinterest. We might even consider asking her to design the bridesmaid dresses.

t30 celebrity wedding party anna kendrick

Anna Kendrick
We want Anna to be our best friend. She has a knack for being totally honest yet hilarious at the same time (especially on Twitter) and we love her genuine, down-to-earth personality. We know she’d be the bridesmaid standing by our side through thick and thin, and if we ever felt overwhelmed with wedding plans, Anna could definitely give us a pep talk to remind us of the bigger picture.

t30 celebrity wedding party mindy kaling

Mindy Kaling
Sometimes you just need a good laugh, and that’s where Mindy comes in. She might not always be the most serious bridesmaid, but that’s why we’d love to have her on board for our big day. Weddings are supposed to be fun, and Mindy could use her sense of humor to keep our stress level in check if we lost sight of that. Having her as a bridesmaid would mean punny commentary for days. Who could say no?

t30 celebrity wedding party emma watson

Emma Watson
Emma would be the bridesmaid who helps us finish our wedding to-do list faster than anyone. There’s no doubt that she is a pro when it comes to staying organized and handling major responsibilities (like being appointed as a United Nations ambassador). She even balanced her acting career with classes at Brown and Oxford universities. Pretty impressive, right? Emma has also revealed in interviews that she keeps a daily journal, which we all know takes real dedication.

t30 celebrity wedding party chrissy teigen

Chrissy Teigen
In every wedding party, there’s always that one friend who gets a little watery-eyed while standing at the altar. For us, we’d want that person to be Chrissy Teigen. It’s no secret that Chrissy has an emotional side—remember when she teared up on camera at the 2015 Golden Globes during husband John Legend’s performance? We think she’d be the perfect bridesmaid to help us choose a romantic entrance song, deliver a note to our S.O. on the wedding day, or give a sentimental (but witty) toast at the reception.

t30 celebrity wedding party john legend

John Legend
John Legend is the ultimate definition of a crooner. His song “All of Me” has ruled first dances everywhere for the last few years, so it’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about love. Just take a look at his Instagram feed, which is filled with sweet snaps of Chrissy Teigen and their daughter, Luna. Obviously we’d pair him with Chrissy at the head table, and we can’t stop thinking about how cute it would be to have Luna as our flower girl once she gets a little bit older.

t30 celebrity wedding party aziz ansari

Aziz Ansari
Aziz is an all-around funny guy who could definitely plan a bachelor party to remember. He wouldn’t be afraid to pull a goofy face or two during groomsmen portraits and we guarantee he’d be cracking jokes and telling unbelievable stories at the dinner table later on.

t30 celebrity wedding party justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake
We envy JT’s red carpet style, so we’d nominate him as our go-to groomsman for fashion advice (his wife Jessica Biel wore a pink gown at their wedding, after all). We’d also ask Justin to teach us some dance moves before the big day so we can use them to wow our guests at the reception.

t30 celebrity wedding party jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon
We already know that Jimmy can make us laugh, but his easygoing personality is what we really love about him. He gets along with practically everyone and he’s great at telling stories, so we’d ask him to give a toast at our reception. Plus, Jimmy is best friends with Justin Timberlake, so we can only imagine what kind of groomsmen shenanigans those two would get up to.

t30 celebrity wedding party will smith

Will Smith
He’s been married to wife Jada Pinkett Smith for nearly 20 years (wow!), so it’s no surprise that Will Smith is giving us the ultimate #relationshipgoals. Hopefully he’d share some of his marriage advice with us and maybe even sing one of his throwback hits for us at the reception.

t30 celebrity wedding party derek jeter

Derek Jeter
Derek recently married model Hannah Davis, so we’re guessing that he’s full of firsthand wedding planning tips he can share with us. The former Yankees player is retired now, but we’d still want him to be our gym buddy to help us stay in shape leading up to the big day.

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